About Badal Saboo Group

Founded by Badal Saboo, a serial entrepreneur, the Badal Saboo Group (BSG) represents his diversified investment portfolio across commodities, Fashion, Real Estate Advisory and Hospitality.

Guided by a strong Advisory Board, it is focused on and driven by Badal’s core philosophy of value investing and creating long-term social capital. It is this vision that has driven BSG to undertake its most ambitious portfolio investment till date which aims at building one of the largest social communities that would positively impact sustainability and the lives of at least a million individuals across India and the world over the next five years.

We aim at doing so by leveraging technology, aggregating fashion, arts, crafts and culture, as well as, backward and forward integration around our enviable portfolio of showcasing platforms that include, amongst others, Pune Fashion Week, World Fashion Week, Korea Modelling Association and its associated events - Face of Asia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Arabia and Mauritius, and FTV.