Lifestyle Consulting

Badal Saboo Group has focused on the high end branded real estate segment and is credited with introducing and/or rapidly growing globally renowned brands such as, World Trade Centre, FTV Residences, Fendi Residences, Bentley Residences, Disney Homes in India. It has also stitched together an exclusive partnership for FTV Parties & Events in India.

Key Transaction Faciliate

It offers successfully delivered massive shopping mall space leasing, consulting, marketing of services in retail, commercial and media spaces. We source intellectual brand licenses for FTV, World Trade Centre, Walt Disney along with F Residences and Disney Homes and also lease space for international hospitality brands like Hard Rock Cafe and Stones Water Grill, etc in Pune's most desired locations. We also hold the largest FDI transactions with Israeli Business Connects for well established businesses like Panchshil Reality, Avinash Bhosale Group, etc.