Partnership and Alliances

Asia Model Festival

Contestants from 27 participating nations competed at the Asia Model Festival 2017 which was held at Jangchung Gymnasium, South Korea in 2017. The event covered three dimensions which were Asia Festival, Asia Model Awards and Face of Asia contest. The event commenced with the opening show and introduction by contestants, followed by traditional show, group talent show, dress parade and concluded with the award presentations. In order to let the world know about Asia’s models and business related to fashion and beauty and to introduce worldwide brands and artists in Asia, Asia Model Festival has been developed as the core icon of Asia’s culture industry and a global culture platform. The talented models that are chosen from the contest get opportunities to grow as top Asian models, moreover as world-famous models.

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World Fashion Week

As an internationally acclaimed event and network for trade and fashion professionals, the annual event, held in Paris, provides a forum for worldwide exposure and recognition, where leading and emerging fashion designers from around the world participate in an elaborate show-case of world fashion and trade, celebrating cultural diversity, while promoting world tourism and lifestyle Destinations. This worldwide wave of promotion, awareness and action for World Fashion Week 2017 and its International Sponsors will also promote global unity, development, social, corporate and environmental responsibility, especially focused on the eradication of poverty and the empowerment of women in developing countries, promoting unity and global peace. This year WFW introduced its first satellite event in Malaysia and plans are afoot for many such events in various representative markets starting with India, Russia and Middle East. With the global theme ‘Love the Nature, Love the World’, World Fashion Week® Malaysia 2017 was a celebration of style and cultural identity expressed by the artistic global movement of fashion. Supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia, the event was set to welcome thousands of national and international visitors, as well as buyers, retailers and international media partners.

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Fashion TV Parties

Badal Saboo Group has the exclusive rights for conceptualizing, licensing and organizing FashionTV Parties and Events in India. FashionTV Parties holds years of experience in curating power packed, concept backed plush affairs. F Parties transports audience to an elixir world which is studded with exclusive live performers, dancers, models, and fashion at premium FashionTV venues across the country for entertainment encore. Fashioned upon the pillars of free-spirited glamour and entertainment, FashionTV parties provide their partners a platform to associate with the elite and high profile individuals. Partnering with FashionTV Parties has enables us to benefit from exposure on multiple platforms including social media and for being positioned in a league that is aspirational and potentially results in greater return on investments.

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Vasant Charitable Foundation

The alliance with Vasant Charitable Foundation, a Public Trust established on 29 April 2016, is focused on sustainable development of rural areas and seeks to prioritize health, education and agriculture. It is especially focused on Fashionable Bharat in not just mobilizing CSR funding and donations that are intended to be deployed in sustainability initiatives for marginalized yet deserving artisans and craftsmen and their related arts and crafts clusters, but also helps to effectively design and deploy such initiatives all around India.

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Korea Model Association (KMA)

An affiliate of Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Republic of South Korea, KMA is a non-profit organization established in 1976 for the purpose of promotion & protection of Model’s rights, interest & related business. KMA has been organizing Asia’s largest Model Festival called Asia Model Festival for the past 12 years. It boasts of 27 participating countries each year. Asia Model Festival is Asia’s biggest festival for Fashion & Beauty industries including Asia’s model industry. It plays a role as a center hub to introduce and spread the excellence of Asian fashion & beauty industries to the whole world. The festival sets a platform for top models, artists & designers fancy shows & performances. Plus, it consists of various sophisticated shows such as each Asia county’s traditional clothing shows, fashion shows, hair shows and beauty shows thus opening new opportunities for them to grow as global brands.