Badal Saboo

A serial entrepreneur not averse to taking risks Badal has slowly but surely over the years built an interesting portfolio of investments and proprietary businesses in the real estate and lifestyle sectors. Under him the Badal Saboo Group has grown from being a pure Commodities player to emerging as a leading name in the world of Fashion, Real Estate Advisory and Hospitality.

In fashion, Badal has been instrumental in conceiving and building the Pune Fashion Week brand into a leading Indian Luxury Fashion Exhibition platform. He has also been a key participant in driving growth at the World Fashion Week, Korea Modeling Associations International talent discovery platform ‘Face of Asia’, Asia Model Festival and Nivedita Saboo Couture. Having grown an enviable portfolio of fashion showcasing platforms, Badal’s next venture in the space ‘Fashionable Bharat’ is focused on building social capital through an innovative NextGen sourcing and distribution model.

In Real Estate & Consulting, Badal has focused on the high end branded real estate segment and is credited with introducing and/or rapidly growing globally renowned brands such as World Trade Centre, FTV Residences, Fendi Residences, Bentley Residences, Disney Homes in India. Badal has also stitched together an exclusive partnership for FTV Parties & Events in India.

In the Hospitality Sector, Badal has invested in two popular and rapidly growing restaurant / lounge brands Frozen Monkey and Ajent Jack’s. He also serves on their boards as a Director.

Nivedita Saboo

Weaving design and detail together to create perfection enigmatic, effervescent and ingenious couturies Nivedita Saboo believes in drawing inspiration from the entwining nuances of life itself. Finding sparkling harmony and infusing it into her creations is the essence of her designs. Her technical expertise bears testimonial to her ever expanding more than a decade old, power packed Fashion House, Nivedita Saboo Couture.

From artistically brilliant associations nationally and internationally, to being an integral part of the fashion fraternity. From Bollywood movies, television to magazine covers, the red carpet to being a prolific supporter of Indian arts and crafts, Nivedita Saboo has a distinct vision of excellence in all avenues of design and entrepreneurship.