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Pune Fashion Week

At Pune Fashion Week we aim at creating an environment where tradition and luxury are brought onto a single platform enabling an inflection point that creates exquisite pieces of art while defining trends in Luxury fashion. Further, a robust fashion platform, PFW is focused on showcasing outstanding GenNext talent and luxury brands to a distinguished target audience.

Having started off as a conventional fashion week, Pune Fashion Week (PFW) has over the years successfully transformed into one of India’s leading Luxury Fashion Weeks. While the first six seasons of PFW have focused on establishing Pune firmly onto the fashion map of India and providing a platform for GenNext designers and Luxury, the seventh season will see PFW broaden its horizons to truly capture the essence of Bharat and its interplay with World Fashion and trends.

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Fashionable Bharat

Bharat has always been considered a rich abode of culture, arts and crafts. It has always been very fashionable and known for its magnificence of the handcrafted. Over the years, with globalization, as well as, competition from the cheap, rapidly produced products of the modern age, somehow the vibrant sparkle of this magnificent flame has diminished.

At Fashionable Bharat, we aim at helping all connect and reconnect with our rich Bharatiya roots, while presenting it in a modern fashionable format to the world - The New Fashion. It focuses on building social capital through an innovative NextGen Online-2-Offline (O2O) sourcing, showcasing and distribution model.

Simultaneously, Fashionable Bharat also aims at positively contributing to the diminishing communities of artesian and craftsmen through initiating focused cluster adoption, community and sustainable development as well as skill development programs. The focus here is predominantly on sustainability initiatives. It aims at doing so by not just reinvesting some of its profits back but also by creating a pool of social capital, both financial and volunteers, while maintaining a transparent and strict monitoring mechanism to ensure

In short, Fashionable Bharat aims at delivering the Best of Indian Heritage & Culture across the Globe, in all its glory.

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Face of India

Face of India is a platform to promote cultures between India and other countriesWe’ve had more than 3500 aspiring models from all over the country that had registered during the digital registration drive.The final winners of FOI got a chance to represent India in Asia Model festival held in Korea. It has also created job opportunities for the models that participate. Such an example is Sagar Arora, the 1st runner up of FOI got on opportunity to get casted in a documentary post the event.


Face of Arabia

Face of Arabia is the platform that makes a careful selection of 20 International Participants for the competition. The theme of symphony between Korea and Arabia has been providing a refreshing insight into both cultures through the years. We’ve had renounced names like Rania Gamal, Miss Playboy, Philippines on the jury panel. The Guest of Honor for the event, Dr. Mansoor Al Obeidli is the National Director of World Beauty Congress.

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Face of Bangladesh

Face of Bangladesh is one of the most premier run-way hoisted in the country. The audience have experienced a beautiful touch of Korean culture added to the land of Bangladesh and its traditional cultures. It has also given the models an opportunity to represent Bangladesh, an upcoming nation, on an international platform among contestants from all over the globe.

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Face of Mauritius

The Face of Mauritius is a platform that revolves around the idea of adorning the cultures and bringing a different perspective within the country about fashion and lifestyle. This pageant has integrated the culture of Mauritius on a grand platform and has been aspiring models from all over the country that have registered to represent their country in Korea. RAW Mauritius collaborated with Face of Mauritius to make this event a grand success.

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Face of Nepal

The ‘Face of Nepal’ has been dedicatedly working towards combining young minds and endless talent. It has definitely revived the sense of fashion and lifestyle within Nepal. 30 participants from different nationalities were put up on one stage and battled it out to win the “Face of Nepal” The evening witnessed a blend of cultures through a number of cultural activities

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Face of Sri Lanka

The Face of Sri Lanka is a platform that revolves around the idea of adorning the Sri Lankan Culture , the cultural round saw contestants adorn a “Sarong” and walk the runway which is part of the Sri Lankan Culture. This pageant has integrated the culture of Korea with Sri Lanka on a grand platform and has been aspiring models from all over the country. The Winners of this event were Sheron Philomen and Tracy Ann D’Silva who then represented Sri Lanka in Seoul, South Korea

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